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BBasket Torrejón


The Senior Nacional is unstoppable in Liga VIPS

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, Basket Torrejón

New weekly reading of #LaCrónica, the most complete summary of everything that happened in this last weekend of basketball for Torrejón Basketball Academy.

Second Year Benjamín had a very tough outing away from home (60-9), losing to C.B Las Rozas who are in second position in the league. The next game will be after the long weekend, on December 16th at the Javi Limones at 2:15 p.m. against Pilaristas.

The First Year Alevín has triumphed again, this time against C.B Ciudad de Móstoles B (60-36) at home. Record of 6-1, and we are in second place in the standings. This December 9th at 11:15 it is time to go as visitors against Baloncesto Aristos Amarillo.

The First Year Girls Alevín defeated Colegio Caldeiro this December 2nd at the Javi Limones (34-26). The victory puts us second, with a record of 6-1. This December 16th we will play against Pureza de María, at 11:00 in their pavilion. The Second Year Alevín A played a great game but in the end it was not enough (62-58) against Rivas Parque Sureste. Number 1 against number 2 in the standings, a great duel that did not disappoint. We will get even this December 16th, when at Javi Limones at 09:00 we play against Colegio Miramadrid Paracuellos.

The Second Year Alevín B could not (16-67) against Colegio Joyfe, in our house. We will have to find the best version when this December 16th at 09:30 we play in Madrid, against Movistar Estudiantes "Wintering".

The Second Year Girls Alevín had a difficult game against Colmenar Viejo (47-33) and that is how it proved to be last weekend. We will try to come out successful this December 16th, at the Javi Limones at 10:45 playing against Liceo Francés Inés. We are 4-2 on the table, they are 1-4.

The First Year Girls Infantil ended with its day of rest and our girls must prepare to play the duel on December 16th at 12:30 at the Nuria Fernández against Marianistas Amoros, who is at the top of the table.

The Preferente Infantil Femenino have won a key victory (61-11) against Coín, in what was a duel against a direct rival in the middle zone of the standings. Next December 16th it will be time to visit Astrobasket Infantil Femenino Valdemoro, at 5:45 p.m.

The Infantil de Primer Año B will have the retrograde game from December 2nd at the Nuria Fernández against Baloncesto Daganzo, at 4:00 p.m. on December 17th now at the Javi Limones. Before, on the 16th, we will play on a double date against visiting Colegio Miramadrid Paracuellos, at 4:30 p.m. Two wins in a row on successive days could put us back in the race.

First Year Infantil Torrejón Baloncesto has not been able to extend the positive moment (80-31) against C.B Las Rozas. The team will take on the new challenge this December 16th at 2:15 p.m., against Virgen de Atocha at the Nuria Fernández. Both teams have a 2-5 record overall.

The Infantil Preferente visited the difficult (68-19) Villa de Algete, without success. We return for Matchday 8 against memoria F.C.D 10 B, on December 16th at 2:15 p.m. at the Javi Limones. This is a direct rival in the standings.

Infantil A played hard and was able to win with ease (54-43) against C.B Las Rozas B this past weekend. We tie this rival with a 3-6 record in the table, in fourth place. Next December 17th we will go out to the Antela Parada Pavilion, to face Baloncesto Alcobendas C, the leader, at 11:15.

The Girls Cadets were defeated (20-37) at the Nuria Fernández against Villanueva de la Cañada. The J-8 takes us away from home on this occasion, to play the duel on December 16th at 7:30 p.m. against Parla Básquet. Direct rivals, with the same 1-6 record as us.

The Cadete Blanco 2009 could not extend its streak (58-78) against C.D.I Rozasbasket. We will play at Colegio Los Sauces this December 16th at 09:30.

The Cadete Azul 2009 won again and in what way (77-34) in the Carabanchel D District this past Saturday. This December 16th it is time to play at Nuria Fernández, against Movistar Estudiantes G. Azul with a 3-3 record, while Blanco has a 2-4 record.

Cadete Baloncesto Torrejón 2008 B struggled (67-48) against C.B Villa de Leganés Negro on December 2nd, and lost for the seventh time this year. We want to close the year on a high, when on December 16th at the Nuria Fernández at 09:00 we play against C.B Las Rozas E.

The Torrejón 2008 A Basketball Cadet continues its fight for first position in the group, after a new victory (94-28) against Agustiniano at 10:45. This December 16th at 10:45 it is time to leave home, in front of La Torre de Hortaleza.

Cadet B continues with a spectacular current moment, and we already warned it, after another victory (62-49) in the Nuria Fernández against Olympic 64 B. We are 7-2, tied for second place, and it is this December 16th 8:15 p.m. when we will play again, against C.B Las Rozas B at the San José Municipal Sports Center.

Cadet A continues on a positive streak. Tremendous what they have achieved (68-78) against Baloncesto Fuenlabrada A at the El Arroyo Pavilion, which was our closest pursuer. The category claimed to be in the Gold phase in the next stage of the season in 2024, but first, it is time for the last match of the phase against Zentro Basket this December 12th at the Javi Limones, at a time yet to be determined.

Junior Masc. Preferente did not have an easy time against the undefeated leader with a 9-0 record, Santa María del Pilar A, at the Javi Limones (77-63) and even so, a resounding victory. We have won this December 2nd. We have risen to the lead, tied with a record of 9-1. The last game of 2023 will be away from home against Parla Básquet Black, this December 16th at 12:45.

Junior B remains first, now with a 9-0 record, after the most recent visitor victory at home in Olympic District B (71-83). The highlights of this game, already on the YouTube channel. Great game that is coming to close this calendar year, at the Javi Limones. We will play on December 17th at 7:30 p.m. against the second team, Sun Chlorella Dragons.

Our Junior A did their homework against A.D.C Boadilla A (56-85), away from home on Sunday night. A victory for us, and a loss for Baloncesto Fuenlabrada A against B.T A, gave us the opportunity to aspire to third place in the table but Fuenlabrada has won. We will play this December 17th at 5:45 p.m. at the Javi Limones, against the aforementioned rival Fuenla, in a shocking match that defines the last place. Winning with average, we climbed to third place (5-4 for us, and 6-3 for them, one place up).

The Under-22 Bronze team came out victorious (66-58) at the Javi Limones against Buen Consejo. We remain undefeated and celebrate the return to health and debut of Andrej Konut, who will be riding between both U-22 categories to gain rhythm after the injury. You can enjoy the entire game on YouTube. This December 17th we will face Baloncesto Paracuellos, at 11:00 in their pavilion.

The Under-22 Gold has no rival, returning to victory (105-70) this time against Baloncesto Daganzo at the Javi Limones. The full match is uploaded to YouTube for your enjoyment. Uros de Rivas is the one to visit this December 17th at 1:30 p.m., a tough rival since we are first but they are third in the standings. We want to close 2023 with a 10-0 record.

And finally, the Senior National team continues to extend the winning streak (85-58) against Valcude Alcobendas at the Javi Limones, at 7:30 p.m. this last Saturday. Thomas Billinger the MVP of the game and also the most valued. Matchday 12 tests our streak of victories, since we will play against the leader, C.D Estudio, at 7:30 p.m. on December 16th at the Javi Limones. Can we dream? We can dream. The Senior is already third with a record of 7-4, and the rival is the leader with 8-3.