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BBasket Torrejón


A party of torrejonero basketball

Prensa TBS -

, Basket Torrejón

This weekend, as we have celebrated every year, the Official Presentation of the 2019-2020 Season of our academy was the talk of town. A full house, in between female and male athletes, coaches and staff, parents, representatives, sponsors and figures of the community to enjoy the sport that unites us as well as honoring the youth of this city that comes to us with pride, and commits us more to continue working for it.

David Sánz, our general director, commented on this day that we celebrate: "Another year and once again very happy to be able to run this club that grows and grows stronger every year. Very proud of the humanity of this group that is leaded by the magnificent set of coaches that help make this possible. The presentation has been magnificent and as always for the enjoyment of the club members and their families".

After the parade of our categories under a wave of applause, chants and music, the golden brooch of the night has been put by Senior Tecmoon Torrejón Basket by winning with a +21 margin of points, over the CB City of Móstoles. Great effort of the boys, who now set a 6-7 record in the accumulated table to be placed in the seventh overall position.

Gonzalo Vela, the main head coach of the academy and the Senior team, said that the presentation "was another statement of intentions of Basket Torrejón its here and growing day by day from the farm teams to its Senior team (...) this 2020, I hope our players continue to progress from training to training, and game by game; we have had significant injuries so we have had to "pull" players from the Under-22 and Junior, although this we have been doing all season because it is "holy signal" from our club to make the youngest progress".

Thankful as always to our sponsors, especially Tecmoon, one of the most expanding brands in the guild. They have also celebrated the opening of an official store, and we would like to congratulate them for its constant support and showcase for the academy project.