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PPrimera Nacional


The Senior Nacional wins the Best Men Team award of the city

Prensa TBS -

, Primera Nacional

The Senior National Basket Torrejón has been awarded in this 2023-2024 cycle as the Best Men Team in the city of Torrejón de Ardoz, participating in the contest with multiple major sports disciplines such as Soccer, Futsal, Volleyball, Water Polo and Handball among others.

The ceremony, held on May 16th at night and promoted by the Torrejón de Ardoz City Council and the city Sports Department, brought together our team as well as many other clubs in the prestigious awards event.

David Sánz, the long-standing General Director of the club and the main architect of feats such as being sixth-best club in Spain in the Junior U-18 category a decade ago, or, the detection of talents and their development towards the ACB elite like Moussa Diagne or Santiago Yusta, FIBA teams and possibly even the NBA with Malique Lewis this year, does not hide his pride with receiving this distinction: "Receiving the award for Best Senior Team is a great honor. They have recognized us for a work that we have been doing for years, and it is the first time that we receive this award. Very grateful to the City Council and the people who have given us the award, and it helps us to continue working and reinforce the idea that we are on the right path even though everything costs a lot of work".

With Jeremías Zuttion, Agustín Sánchez, Tomás Morales, José Ginés and Javi Pinar on the coaching staff, the Senior National has had a campaign to highlight in which they managed to be leaders in the regular season, with a 17-5 record in the VIPS League, despite falling in the recent Quarterfinal series against C.B Tres Cantos (2-1) in three games, after having beaten Baloncesto Villalba in straight games.

The Senior has reached the last game of the season winning 17 of the last 19, a frenetic pace that predicts growth for more, and better, for next season. "This is a great help, a great boost to keep us focused at work, in perseverance and in the belief that we are doing well. And also, encouraging the kids to work even harder," says Sánz after the award ceremony of the city, carried out with local government figures.