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BBasket Torrejón


Undefeated categories and Alevines on a hot streak after this FBM game day

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, Basket Torrejón

It is time to read #LaCrónica, with all the action that comes to us starting in November with the weekend of the 11th and 18th of the month:

Second Year Benjamín won last November 11th at home at 2:15 p.m. against Veritas Pozuelo (40-38), and this last weekend they rested again. Next November 25th we will play at 09:00 in Javi Limones against Arroyomolinos C.B.

The First Year Alevín has triumphed on Matchday 4 of this November 11th against Villa de Aranjuez B (55-4), but then last November 18 we lost against Alcorcón Basket (52-64) at home. The team loses its undefeated record against Alcorcón then, which becomes the only club without defeats in the league. First, and second place FBM so far. C.B Arganda will be the rival on November 25th, as the away team at 11:30

The First Year Girls Alevín won again this November 11th, (36-26) against Colegio Los Sauces at home, and then, they maintained their streak on November 18th when we had to face C.B Zona Press and beat them too (35-30 ). We have a 4-1 record in the league. Matchday 6 will take us as visitors to play on November 25th at 3:00 p.m. against Lions Basket Arroyomolinos.

The Second Year Alevín A had this November 11th in the Javi Limones game against Baloncesto La Salle (71-19), triumphing forcefully. Then, another huge victory (14-65) as visitors against Valcude Alcobendas B this November 18th. This November 25th, at 10:45 at the Javi Limones, we will seek to extend this 4-0 start when we play against C.B Coslada A.

The Second Year Alevín B played and won (58-36) this November 11th against Baloncesto 86 La Salle. Uneven luck, because on November 18th it was not possible despite the effort against Baloncesto Navalcarnero (32-61) at the Javi Limones. Matchday 6 will take us as visitors against Movistar Estudiantes "Carrera", on November 25th at 09:30.

The Second Year Girls Alevín has added a positive score (40-84) against Baloncesto Leganés two weekends ago. This past weekend, there was a rest day, and the team will return to action this November 25th at 12:30 against C.B Majadahonda.

The First Year Girls Infantil fell (55-17) on the Ensanche Vallecas B field two ends ago, although they were able to rise (41-42) by winning a spectacular victory away from Colegio Estudiantes Las Tablas this past Saturday. Next weekend, the category will play against Mater Salvadoras at the Javi Limones on November 25th at 2:15 p.m.

The Girls Preferential Infantil category has been able to push in defense and get a great victory (41-39) on November 18th against Humanitas C.D.E at 10:45 at the Nuria Fernández. It is time to go on the road against Bulldogs Basketball C.D.E, this November 25th at 4:00 p.m. The group is 2-0 in the league, our rival has a 3-1 record momentarily.

The First Year Infantil B has been able to adjust and has managed to take flight, when this November 11th against C.B Ciudad de Móstoles at the Los Rosales Pavilion (37-57) it achieved the long-awaited first victory. After that, on November 18th he did not have the same luck and was defeated (37-71) by Olympic Aranjuez. This November 25th will be the next game, away, at 11:15 against Baloncesto Navalcarnero.

First Year Infantil Torrejón Baloncesto cost them (39-28) this November 1th as visitors against Patrocinio San José. Although later, there has been a facelift marked by intensity and great defensive efforts, after beating C.B Getafe (18-68) on the visit. The next day takes us to play at Nuria Fernández at 12:30, against Movistar Estudiantes C. Direct rival, in the middle of the league standings.

The Infantil Preferente runs aground at home, against C.B Perales A this November 11th (34-64) in a game where we are not in attack. Then, we showed a better face as visitors against Colegio Los Sauces (61-45) but still did not achieve the result. We will look for the second victory at home, at the Nuria Fernández at 10:45 on November 2th5, against C.B Ciudad de Móstoles B.

Infantil A lost (47-64) to San Agustín Madrid A two weekends ago, but has managed to recover significantly (58-65) against Baloncesto Torrelodones B, also playing in their pavilion. We continue visiting other clubs, this November 26th playing against C.B Leganés, at 1:00 p.m. It is time to improve the current record of 2-5 in the league.

The Girls Cadets lost to memoria S.A.D 08, (61-42) as visitors in a complex open pavilion to play. Last date, they have already found victory again (36-24), winning at home on November 18th against C.B Moratalaz. To continue in this trend of promotion, of visitors in the house of the Vírgen de Atocha this 11:30, on November 25th.

Cadete Blanco 2009 lost (56-54) in a thriller against visiting Valdeluz. We had it on our fingers and it narrowly escaped. We will now go against Distrito Carabanchel D, at 4:00 p.m. on November 25th in their home court.

The Cadete Azul 2009 could not extend the good moment (41-54) against Everest School at Nuria Fernández at 12:30 on November 18th. The next matchday will be on November 25th for visitors, at 1:00 p.m. against G.S.D Guadarrama.

Cadete Baloncesto Torrejón 2008 B with two losses in a row, first against San Viator C (39-49), and then against Villa de Algete Amarillo (67-62) in a game in which we thought we had it. It is time to turn this around, on November 25th at the Nuria Fernández at 09:00 against C.B Arganzuela Centro B.

The Torrejón 2008 A Basketball Cadet played well and once again won (67-50) against Santa María del Pilar A at the Nuria Fernández. And on the last day, they lost narrowly (47-55) at home against Parque Cataluña Torrejón Amarillo, with whom we are now tied with a 4-1 record. Tough game on November 25th at the home of Baloncesto 86 La Salle A, at 11:15.

Cadet B with a spectacular 7-day stretch, where they achieved two vital victories. First, November 11th as visitors at Pintobasket home court (52-68), and then, this past November 19th at Javi Limones beating Baloncesto Fuenlabrada B (65-60), with an incredible history of overcoming adversity, since in the first leg, we had lost 99-56 against this same rival. We are going against C.B Ciudad de Móstoles this November 25th at 6:45 p.m., away from home.

Our Cadet A completely deflated (135-59) against Movistar Estudiantes A, in Magariños. But, this past November 19th we found victory again (98-80) against C.B Tres Cantos, marking the debut of Mexican Sebastián Malavé with the top U-16 team, after arriving from Mexicali. He debuted as the top scorer, with 21 points. This November 26th at 6:00 p.m., it is time to play at Javi Limones against C.B Las Rozas A. A win is absolutely essential to secure third place in the group, which qualifies for the next phase.

Junior Masc. Preferente continued adding on the morning of November 11th (62-73) against C.B Las Rozas B. Then, this past weekend, we beat Baloncesto Aristos A (74-69) in another game that was decided in the last minutes with good defending. We are 7-1 in the league.

Junior B is a spectacle, I told you. First, triumphing (81-70) against Baloncesto Fuenlabrada B and this past Sunday, another victory (53-77) against Baloncesto Torrelodones B away from home. We seek to extend the record to 8-0 this November 26th, at the Javi Limones at 1:30 p.m. against C.B Getafe.

Our Junior A competed in Magariños but fell short (83-67) against Movistar Estudiantes A, and then we lost in a Dolors game at home this Sunday (77-79) against Baloncesto Torrelodones A. We will seek as a collective to get out of this slump, on the 16th November at 7:45 p.m., at the Javi Limones against Alcorcón Basket A.

The Under-22 Bronze team is unstoppable, with two victories under its belt recently. First, (57-95) against CESUR Distrito Olimpico San Blas and then, (79-53) against Uros de Rivas C to continue commanding the standings. We will play as a visitor against CESUR Distrito Olimpico Rosas this November 26th at night.

The U-22 Gold broke the game quickly (113-65) against CESUR Olympic District. And, this Sunday in Madrid, a super duel of undefeated teams against Liceo Francés (81-91) that has been decided in our favor, with a tremendous game by Miles Sulka and his 21 points as well as multiple assists. Supporting, Marco Pérez with 15 points as well as Marcos Hermosilla with 13 points. We will continue to extend this streak, hopefully, when we host the Revolution at the Javi Limones this November 26th at 4:00 p.m. Let us look for that long-awaited 8-0 in the standings.

Colo Zuttion birthday and another victory for his team! Yes, they extend the winning streak (90-76) after beating Spanish Basketball Academy at Javi Limones. We leveled our record at 4-4, in sixth position in the VIPS League. The next day, a tough one with visitors at the home of C.B Getafe at 7:30 p.m.