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BBasket Torrejón


Marcos Hermosilla: "To play for the Senior Nacional of my town is something that makes me so proud"

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To talk about explosions within our farm system among so much talent is to talk among the top positions about Marcos Hermosilla. The scoring two-guard has completed his formative process at Javi Limones, and has been from a role piece to a main stalwart as of today, a team reference and part of the Colo Zuttion puzzle in its VIPS First National League squad.

Today in the Interview of the Month, it is time to meet him, learn more about his TBS experience, his life and what is coming:

Where does Marcos story with basketball begin at?

Hello, thank you for choosing me!

My history with basketball starts from a very young age. I was a very restless child and I really liked playing sports, so my parents got me at 4 years old to train on the Severo Ochoa team, which was my school, and at age 11, I came to the Torrejón Basketball Academy.

Have you been a Torrejón basketball player for how long? For those who do not know you or have not seen you play on the court, how would you describe yourself as a player? Flaws, virtues?

This is my ninth year in the club. I have been playing for Torrejón since second year Alevín, just the last year of school. I came from Severo with one of my best friends, Alejandro Morado, with whom I still fight in with on the courts at the U-22 category. I would describe myself as a very electric, intense and fast player, a dog on defense, although that could also be detrimental to me since sometimes I overdrive and go faster than I should. But I never lose the perseverance and desire to play (laughs).

What do you do off the courts and what hobbies do you have?

Off the court I really like to listen to all kinds of music, watch movies, play on the computer with my friends and whenever I have some time watch a basketball game from practically any league. I like watching basketball in general.

What does Torrejón, the city, and the club mean to you?

Torrejón de Ardoz is my home, I was born here and I have grown up here all my life. It is the place where I feel most comfortable and the place that represents me. Furthermore, playing for the first team in my city makes me very proud, because after many years seeing it as a goal, I have finally achieved it and I am very happy to be part of the team.

Do you have future goals in basketball?

I do not have any proposed goal to reach in the future, but I would like to play in the best possible league according to my limitations. For me it would be a goal to reach the EBA League, but in National the truth is that I am very happy, finding how to adapt. Apart from winning the league with the Under-22 Gold and National, which is a common objective in the club and we all have it as a goal.

Your progression as a player in recent months has been important, and today you are part of the Senior National. You come from a dream weekend, where you were also the top scorer with 27 points in the victory. How do you analyze this season and what do you think is needed to reach the FBM final four and achieve promotion to the EBA League?

Being realistic, I think that the team potential can go far in the Playoffs if we focus on playing the collective game that Colo wants to instill in us. Even though we are possibly the youngest team in the league, where we are mostly Juniors and Under-22s, we are an intense team with a desire to improve, so time will tell. It is a progress that will get better and the intensity in defense will not fail.

Personally, what do you envision for your U-22 season as well as your role within the senior squad? What does Marcos contribute?

 In U-22 together with Javi Sánchez, we play similar roles. We both know what style is played in this league, quick possessions and continuous counterattacks, so our role stands out in being bullets both to go and return in defense. Together with Daniel Ríos, Victor María and Marco Pérez we have a team worthy of being champions this season with Nacho Gallego at the helm.

On the other hand, in the Primera Nacional squad, it is my second year and I continue to adapt to the physical change that is needed to play. My role could be defined as providing intensity in defense as some point to the counterattack. Although I also like to motivate and help the team in any way I can. Roberto Donaire, who was my coach in First Year Cadet, and Carlos Abentín, the team veteran players, help me and advise me on how to do things. So receiving help from their hands is something to be grateful for.

Academically where are you looking; What do you study at university and why?

I study a higher degree in Administration and Finance, a very complete degree where you study how companies are made up. I have always liked how they are organized and the truth is that I am very happy.

FIBA 3x3 is gaining momentum in recent times and Torrejón Basket came to the fore in its debut year at the Madrid level, making the podium. Also, qualifying and playing in the #3x3U17FEB in Mallorca. What do you think of this discipline?

Is it something that you practice, or that you would like the club to implement in different categories and ages?

3x3 basketball seems like a super fun type of basketball to me. I started playing in the Duck Park with my friends and Dominicans from the neighborhood years ago. Until now in the summer I go to the Pacífico neighborhood in Madrid and the Soto de Henares courts to play whole afternoons like crazy. Personally, I would very much like to see it implemented more in the club, it is a modality with a lot of potential and I am sure that the lower categories would have a lot of fun.

A piece of advice to the new generations of Torrejoneros players:

I would tell them not to get overwhelmed if things do not work out, to give it time and work hard because the effort is always rewarded.

Thanks, kid!

Thank you!