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Agustín Sánchez: "The most difficult thing is the uncertainty and not knowing what is going to happen"

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If we talk about Agustín Sánchez, it is talking about a vital piece of the TBS organization chart. In his seventh year at the Academy since he started in 2012 after a summer campus, the coach on the first year working with us carries the Cadete B, Junior B and also doubles as an assistant to Junior A. During these years he has trained all categories, and schools as well, organizing the mini categories.

His beginnings as a coach were 16 years ago, at the club where he played, Siglo XXI. The person in charge of the club, Manuel Navarro, offered him to train a group of prebenjamines, and there he coached 5 seasons. Later, another 3 seasons in the Spartan club and then, he made the leap to TBS thanks to the opportunity given by David Sánz. This October, we will know more about Agustín since it is our protagonist at the Interview of the Month.

Why train, Agustín? What has motivated you to teach this sport and for so long?

I have always been passionate about this sport. When I had free time I was with a ball in my hands, talking about basketball and from my first season I knew that this was my thing, teaching, of course the little I knew then but with great enthusiasm. I knew I had to learn but continue with the same enthusiasm. As at that time there was less information on the internet, so I spent the afternoons in the pavilions watching training sessions at my club and other clubs to get ideas, exercises, and ways of working.

A difficult year, this one...

Yes, a very difficult year. The most difficult thing is the uncertainty and not knowing what is going to happen; Since March of last year, not knowing what will happen to the virus, at the planning level, it has been very difficult for us, as well as for parents and children. Then the end of last season tastes bad for the guys and for all the work put, the hours of extra training, all the efforts and not being able to enjoy the prize they had won - Playoffs and one of the tournament favourites for example, the Cadete A category.

Your comments on the challenges of having work groups from afar, even after all the limitations this year with COVID and quarantine / restrictions.

Well, what has happened these months is something new for everyone. The only thing that was sought is for the boys to be distracted for a while and clear their heads with training through videos, video calls. The trainings are different now, and we have to change them according to the measures they are taking, and as new protocols are coming out.

What does TBS mean to you?

TBS means a lot to me. Illusion, work, possibilities, dreams, and I could go on saying nouns and adjectives of everything that means to me. It has been an important club because I have learned from great coaches since I arrived, such as David Sánz, Carlos González, Rubén Sánchez and many more coaches who have passed through seasons or on campuses or clinics around here. From all of them I have been able to learn and continue training. That is why I will always have a special affection for this club that has helped me to form.

From your time of arrival to today at the Academy, who has been the player of whom you are most proud? And the one that most captivated you with his talent?

It is very difficult to stay with just one name because there are many great players who have passed through here. I am proud of several who have managed to continue dedicating themselves to professional basketball, and others who, thanks to basketball, have continued to study and have improved their grades, as well as others who, thanks to basketball, are not on the streets all day. That is why I am proud, for many of those boys who thanks to basketball have achieved something better. And like the above there are several players who have captivated me.

I could not stay with one choice, so this would be my starting five of players who have surprised me the most today:

- Milic Starovlah, a talent, a complete player with great shooting, strength, and what surprised me the most was his professionalism. His desire during the bad moments of his injury, to continue working to return as well as possible.

- Bassirou Ndiaye was one of the hardest working players I have ever had. He was not the tallest, the fastest, or the most talented, but he was the hardest-working. His improvement in a year was brutal in a good way, but he was working every day and he was clear about his goal.

- Insa Kane is pure talent. He is very easy to score and he never likes to lose, he is a winner.

- Malique Lewis has many virtues; a perfect physique, talent if he continues to work as he is doing, he will go very far.

- Marcos Hermosilla is the most exciting player I have ever seen. He is always thinking about basketball and always wants to train. With players like him it is a pleasure to train.

What categories are you in this season, still in uncertainty?

In this atypical year, I am taking different categories: Cadet, Infant, Mini. I have several schedules depending on the different protocols that are coming out, now with the latter we have been training the group of 6 players per basket for a few weeks. The benefit of these groups is the way of working that we give priority to individual technique and a large number of repetitions, focusing on things that during "normal" seasons we spend less time, we always have to see the positive side and work to enhance it.

Desires and professional goals for the medium and long term, as a coach?

My goals to keep improving day by day, keep learning. I would like to go out of Spain for a season or two to watch basketball in other ways of working. The goal is to be able to live as a basketball professional, which is what I am passionate about, to be able to live from what I like the most.