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Fiorella Bustos: "Torrejón is my second city, my second family"

Prensa TBS -

, Infantil

If we talk about precociousness, and talent, then by combining both words we find the profile of Fiorella Bustos, the sensational Argentine player who since her arrival at Torrejón Basketball Academy, has captivated everyone with her self-confidence for basketball, inappropriate for a 12-year-old girl. Originally from Entre Ríos, Paraná, and with the merit of our coach Flavio Sosa who is the one who makes a lot of this possible, she landed at the Javi Limones and we have enjoyed the drives to the rim, her shooting, assists and other plays by Fiorella. Not only in the Infantil category, where she is just freshman; also with the Cadete U-16, and even playing with the Junior players, helping us in the process to achieve multiple victories.

Fiorella is a product of the "immersion" method offered by the Torrejón Basketball Academy, where in a period of one or two months players as "Fio" can come to Torrejón de Ardoz for the experience of living another culture, training, improving and competing at a high level. Today, in addition, Fiorella is the meritorious protagonist of the Interview of the Month in its most recent edition.

Where does the history of Fiorella begin in Argentina, playing basketball?

My story begins at the age of 4, with my mom teaching me; she is my coach. When she was 9 years old, Flavio asked me to play in the U-13 category. That is where playing in bigger categories begins. At 11 I was selected with Paraná regional team and I came out champion of the Provincial Tournament, and I was also playing in the U-15 category.

For those who do not know you or have not seen you play on court, how would you describe yourself as a player? Flaws, virtues?

I am an all-court player. I can be in all five positions... As a shortcoming, maybe I am "lazy" to defend (laughs) and as a virtue, I have a very good effectiveness with a simple and short shooting motion.

What do you do off the court and what hobbies do you have?

Off the court, I would say just school and friends. After that, nothing, because everything revolves around the Club.

What did you know about Spanish basketball as a whole and Torrejón Basketball Academy before coming?

From Spanish basketball, I knew is the second best basketball in the world behind the American, and from Torrejón what i saw from Flavio and Andrea, their experience working here.

What does Torrejón, the city, and the club mean to you now that your adventure is soon to end?

It is my second city, my second club; my second family. They have treated me with a lot of love and taught me their customs and I love them.

Do you have future goals in basketball? Which ones?

Yes, I want to play, enjoy, meet new people and travel around the world. What I know is that if I return to Spain, I would love to be able to complete a full tournament or a full season with TBS.

You have done something incredible and that is that you have played in Infantil, Cadet and also in Junior and in the three teams you have been among the best individual points; How do you analyze this season in each of the three girls teams, and what do you think is needed to improve the women branch?

I really liked training and playing in each of the categories. I think I tried to adapt to the game that the coaches asked me to play. It is on a good path in the feminine section. I come from a different way of training and playing, where we only work with just one coach and a physical trainer in formative categories; This means that many young girls play in different categories and with different regulations. For example, a Mini (11 or 12 years old) knows how to play in much higher age categories due to the line of work of the coach and here perhaps it is different.

Do you like the challenge of playing against players who can be up to five, six years apart in age from you?

Yes, I always liked it and my body does not feel the difference.

College basketball in the United States, WNBA, or a club in Argentina that you are a "fan" of?

No, today I am a fan of San Agustin in Argentina and the Torrejón Basketball Academy now in Spain.

Any role models in basketball? Here in Spain and Europe in general, several players from your country stand out and are references for the senior team, such as Melisa Gretter or Florencia Chagas...

Yes, they are benchmarks for Argentine women basketball and I like them, but I also like the game of Diana Taurasi and Elena Delle Donne in the WNBA.

Where are you looking academically? What do you want to study at university and why?

I would like everything related to sport; especially basketball.

Finally: An advice to the new generations of Torrejoneros players:

Above all, wanting to excel; have discipline. But not only in basketball, but in everything that surrounds it, and training a lot and if it does not work out, then train more.