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BBasket Torrejón


The senior wins on the road and #LaCronica adds up with the little ones

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, Basket Torrejón

#LaCronica rounds up this weekend of October 23 and 24 and brings us full basketball summary of categories at stake, now that the smallest and the U-22 among others have started their respective seasons of the Madrid Basketball Federation.

With the smallest of the house, we begin the review of the day: Our First Year Female Alevin has had a very tough start to the season, falling by a wide difference (1-51) against Alcobendas A. Bucket of cold water starting for our first year Alevin girls, since they had a great rival in the first game of all the girls, but they did not stop fighting with much desire and intensity despite closing them on the scoreboard, they fought the whole game.

The First Year Alevín (43-77) defeated the Carabanchel District on a visit, and we give positive feelings to this start of the FBM league with the first victory of the course, on the first day. We will close the key matchup at Javi Limones, next November 6.

The Alevín de Segundo Año Liga Marco Aldany achieved their first victory of the season (74-54), over Parla Basket. The team started the third quarter very strong, which in the end was very important in getting the victory. All the boys played good and hard. Adrián Sierra and Aaron Aller were the leaders in points with 18 each.

Our Pre-infantil gets the second victory this season FBM, (19-66) on the road beating Tajamar. The team has been improving every week and they got to play a full game. All the players played with passion and contributed to the victory. Marcos Roldán and Héctor Serrano were the leaders in points with 16 each.

This weekend Alcobendas C yielded again to our Infantil A (35-72). A great game for the boys, who came out like a cyclone scoring a 7-25 partial and defending very intense. Being generous with the ball, the most important thing in all passages of the meeting. We were superior in all the rooms, with a great collective work from all the guys who were important. 4-0 and leaders to start the FBM season, lets go!

The Female Cadet wins again (70-22), over CB Villa de Valdemoro. The girls second game, with less nerves than the first, came out very strong with a 25-2 run to open the bars. Our girls continue with the streak since last year that they do not lose a game at home, congratulations to all the work of them and the staff. Day 3 will measure us at CD Oroquieta Espinillo, this next November 6 at the Blume. Big-time, girls!

The Yellow Cadet retaliated for the defeat on the opening day, to beat Distrito Carabanchel 06 Negro at the Javi Limones (69-32). We return to track next November 6 against Vallmont C.D.E, at home, the only team that remains undefeated in the group.

Turn to review the Blue Cadet, who has had a similar scenario to the Yellow one. After a hard fall in the debut, we lifted and beat C.D Las Rozas D (73-59) to level the record in the league start. The category returns to the ring on November 6 at the Blume, in front of Uros de Rivas E.The 2006 Cadet added his second win in a row over Basketball 86 La Salle A (38-58), this time at home. The next day we will be headed to Torrelodones to face Basketball Torrelodones D, which has started its year 0-2, on November 6.

Turn for Cadet B, who did his homework as visitors (44-65) beating CB Zona Press. Unbeaten with a 4-0 record, and the next game we will face the Olympic District B, on November 6 as well, in San Blas, Madrid.

Olympic District A (57-70) could not in his feud with our Cadet A; A game with several absences, but where the boys took the game with a great first half where they pressed the accelerator at a rate of 21-40, being intense and moving the ball a lot. Game with little success in the outside shot, after the break we left clueless and the rival got into the game with a bad third quarter, but we returned in the last quarter with the work of the first half to tighten and close the positive record.

The Junior Preferential Basket Torrejón was a roller (12-98) and did not let Distrito Carabanchel 05 breathe in his patio. We add another victory and go 3-0 in the FBM general table, tying the lead with Caldeiro.

Basketball Torrejón B Júnior did not achieve the goal, and succumbed (62-35) to Villa de Algete. It has been a complex start to the league with a 0-3 record, and we hope to come back stronger in November to reverse these bad feelings and reach the first win.

Junior B beat Tres Cantos B well (69-83), and we put our records at 3-1 so far this FBM season. We return to the track on November 7 against the undefeated leader, Jofemesa ADC Boadilla A in his pavilion.

Júnior A almost escapes with the victory at Javi Limones (78-84). We have not been able to turn the game against Spanish Basketball Academy A, and we stayed in the basement of the table in the group, after starting the keys against the two great rivals of the group including Real Madrid A. We will return on November 7 at the Blume, and we will face Movistar Estudiantes A.

The U-22 began their defense of the Madrid title with an unexpected setback (72-82) and at home, against Arganzuela Centro - Zentro Basket Madrid. On October 31st we will close the matchup with them, and we hope to add and level the record.

Finally, time to review the important triumph of the National Senior (56-70) in the Antonio Mata Pavilion, home of the Olympic District. A tough rival, who comes from the EBA League and who, like us, faced this game with heavy casualties, between us and them, also with a penalty. José Antonio Sánchez proposed a game based on the movement of the ball and open shots, but the defense of D.O and the mistakes in the first quarter made a dent.

Roberto Donaire exerted his usual presence in the entrance paint, but a blow to the lower body would take him out of the game in the first half. There were minutes for the Senegalese Salif Diarra, who with his tender 15 years of age and also repeating the day after having played minutes before with Cadet A, has had to go out on the court and contribute.

An always reliable Pau Monroig, - when not? - appeared from the perimeter to score several triples and return Torrejón to the game. The Mallorcan would end up being the top scorer of ours in the victory, with 18 points. It is necessary to highlight the invaluable contribution of Mario Pérez, with extended minutes especially in the face of Roberto Donaire physical discomfort; important baskets near the rim for the two-meter power forward, and also a lot of intelligence to pass the ball from the low post and add several key assists. Iván Sánchez, the spark plug in this start of the league since his arrival at the national squad, collaborated with 16 points to his credit.