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PPrimera Nacional


Jump ball to the Liga Vips with a defeat in the books

Prensa TBS -

, Primera Nacional

A new season of Primera Nacional has started, now rebranded Liga Vips Masculina with the arrival of the food chain as main sponsor of the competition, and with it the first match of the regular round between our Senior Nacional de Torrejón Basket, and Alcorcón Basket. Many well-known faces among which our legendary captain Roberto Donaire stands out, and the return of some familiar faces once again such as Carlos Abentín and Pau Monroig, with previous stops in the EBA League among the striking news this summer.

Debut 2021-2022 with defeat as the visiting team, with a first quarter where pushed for basket with our post players, while the locals appealed to the fast break points and a tough approach. Alcorcón went up in that initial quarter with a 19-15 advantage. The second quarter had a 16-7 run in favor of Alcorcón team, who managed to break off the scoreboard at half-time with a score of 43-29.

After the break, the locals were twenty points up at a time, but good defense and constant adjustments led us to counteract that advantage and bring differences to 61-48 down, to fight the disputed last quarter. Víctor Taveras was too much in the paint with a monster double-double, however, leaded by the always feisty Roberto Donaire, we continued to fight. With 4 minutes to go for the end, Alcorcón had 5 consecutive turnovers giving us wings to cut down the scoreboard differences (65-60), although we did not know how to capitalize on those errors in regards to effective transitions on offense and with a final score of 73-63, the first game goes to the books with a setback that invites us to calibrate during the week and return with better sensations to look for that long-awaited first victory of the course.

Data sheet

Torrejón Basket: Alejandro Robles (4), Jorge Herráiz (6), Javier Sánchez (1), Juan Manuel Mateo (-), Carlos Abentin (11), Roberto Donaire (13), Iván Sánchez (9), Juan Manuel Palau ( 4), Mario Pérez (9), Pau Monroig (6), Vito Zaccaria (-).

Alcorcón Basket: Carlos Coronado (-), Pablo Muñoz (9), Ernesto Tapia (8), Alfonso Alonso (4), Víctor Taveras (22), Diego Pulido (8), Guillermo Núñez (-), Hugo López (3) , Sergio Royo (8), Juan Pasaron (5), Haustin Santana (4), Adrián Ríos (2).